Spinal fluid analysis


Got an email in my Kaiser inbox today:

I would not normally inform you about your spinal fluid results via email, but we both expected the results we got so I thought it would be OK to email you.

The spinal fluid analysis was POSITIVE for laboratory evidence of MS. I will see you Friday to discuss treatment.

Nothing like starting a blog on the day you get that news, eh?  Of course, as Dr Z noted, such news was not unexpected in a week which included a lumbar puncture and MRIs showing new lesions.  The surprise comes from the serendipity of making a neuro appointment weeks out, and then losing feeling in my leg that particular week; of having already taken days off work since my sister was coming for a visit;  of having my sister here with me for the support and the humor I have so needed; of having a doctor who knows that I am an information junkie who NEEDS to know, now, whatever there is to know.

  • {Health worry} released:  I don’t have transverse myelitis anymore!  I can put that puppy right out of my mind.

Proteomics and Spinal Fluid” by EMSL / BY CC

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