A tale of two VCRs

Comic Sans TV & VCR Repair

Some might ask, “Lori, why do you have a VCR?”  I would explain to Some that I have videocassettes that I would like to be able to watch in the future without having to replace them with DVDs: Ken Burns’ Lewis & Clark, for instance; some baby videos of Q’s that I am sentimental about; a bazillion Leslie Sansone walking videos which of course I would use diligently if I only got around to getting off my rear.

It would probably not occur to Some to ask, “Four VCRs?  Seriously?  What’s up with that?”  Well, there was #1 – the old one with the unknown tape stuck in it; #2 – the replacement one I got at Goodwill, currently stuck in the TV cabinet with an unknown tape stuck in it; # 3 – another replacement one from Goodwill that worked, but was sitting on a table in front of the TV due to the status of #2; and #4 – the holy grail of VCRs, recently picked up at a garage sale from a little old lady who still had the paperwork and remote and used it daily with no problems.

  • {Clutter} released: VCRs #1 and #2, including their unknown tapes, though not before I made David try to take them apart to get the tapes out.  And #3?  Hey, that one still works!  I’ve gotta have a backup!  (I stuck it in a closet…)

Comic Sans TV & VCR Repair” by Mykl Roventine / BY CC

4 thoughts on “A tale of two VCRs

  1. #3 can go bye-bye, too. Goodwill will no doubt continue to have a bounty of used VCRs for some years to come. Just a suggestion….


    1. That is a good idea. I think it was the Slob Sisters who said they use Goodwill as their own personal storage unit, where they could go visit their stuff whenever they wanted. I could think of it as Goodwill storing the VCR for me!


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