Today’s the day, the sun is shining…


the tank is clean…  The TANK is CLEAN?!

I’m in a good place about meeting with the docs today.  Woke up before my alarm, feeling very cheerful.  I need to memorialize these feelings so I can look back on them in case of future bad moments.  Right now, this PPMS feels like it won’t have any more of an impact on me than TM has had so far.  Possible symptoms seem to include spasticity, weakness, nerve pain and bladder complications – and I already have all of those!  Whoo hoo!  I’ve got Charles for the spasticity and weakness, gabapentin for the nerve pain and daily antibiotics (and endless patience) for the bladder issues, so I already have a plan of attack in place.

I think the key is that I feel in control.  I already know I can handle these things, so I have nothing to be scared of.  I’m laughing at myself right now, because I have determined this to be the case before the meeting with the doctors, not after hearing what they have to say, but I think it will help me go into that meeting strong, not fearful, and perhaps I’ll be all the better for it.

  • {Health worry} released:  I can handle this.  I’ve already proven it to myself.
  • {Clutter} released: 10 books on health and fitness, just for good measure.

Here comes the sun…” by chantrybee

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