A tale of two VCRs

Comic Sans TV & VCR Repair

Some might ask, “Lori, why do you have a VCR?”  I would explain to Some that I have videocassettes that I would like to be able to watch in the future without having to replace them with DVDs: Ken Burns’ Lewis & Clark, for instance; some baby videos of Q’s that I am sentimental about; a bazillion Leslie Sansone walking videos which of course I would use diligently if I only got around to getting off my rear.

It would probably not occur to Some to ask, “Four VCRs?  Seriously?  What’s up with that?”  Well, there was #1 – the old one with the unknown tape stuck in it; #2 – the replacement one I got at Goodwill, currently stuck in the TV cabinet with an unknown tape stuck in it; # 3 – another replacement one from Goodwill that worked, but was sitting on a table in front of the TV due to the status of #2; and #4 – the holy grail of VCRs, recently picked up at a garage sale from a little old lady who still had the paperwork and remote and used it daily with no problems.

  • {Clutter} released: VCRs #1 and #2, including their unknown tapes, though not before I made David try to take them apart to get the tapes out.  And #3?  Hey, that one still works!  I’ve gotta have a backup!  (I stuck it in a closet…)

Comic Sans TV & VCR Repair” by Mykl Roventine / BY CC

All the stuff that fits

“She came back.”  – David

When I had my first bout of demyelinating disease (Transverse Myelitis), Dr Z put me on a course of SoluMedrol, a megadose of IV steroids.  Because time was of the essence this go-round, he chose to go with oral prednisone rather than wait to schedule the IV sessions.  According to my most recent pharmacy class at the University of Google Medical School, an average adult dose of prednisone is 5 mg to 50 mg.  I got twelve 50-mg tablets in the morning and twelve more at night for the first five days, a whopping gram-plus of jittery insomniac moon-faced goodness.  Needless to say, I have not been feeling like myself.  Sitting at the table for a meal would get me so wound up that I’d collapse in heart-racing madness for a couple of hours at a stretch.  If I haven’t been returning your calls, that could be why.

@ Home - Spoony

I’ve been tapering off the prednisone for about a week, but yesterday was the first day that I had the slightest bit of energy. Determined as I am to kick this releasing process into gear, I decided to start with releasing clutter from the kitchen.  (The steroids have also made me ravenous and I was pretty much going to be hanging out in there all night, anyway.)  Four drawers and a couple of cupboards later, I’d had a revelation.  I was looking for outliers – the mismatched mugs, the bowls without lids, the single measuring cup – but I let my eyes glide right past the fact that I have three full sets of measuring spoons, three sets of measuring cups and – so help me – four whisks.  Because, of course, they are all different, all unique in their own special had-to-have-it way, and they all FIT.  Yeah, I’m going to need to look at that a bit more deeply…

  • {Clutter} released: 2 mugs, 2 cups, 3 rubber spatulas, 1 measuring cup, basting brush, 3 baby utensils, 1 fork of Lynette’s.

@ Home – Spoony” by jnyemb / BY CC

Spinal fluid analysis


Got an email in my Kaiser inbox today:

I would not normally inform you about your spinal fluid results via email, but we both expected the results we got so I thought it would be OK to email you.

The spinal fluid analysis was POSITIVE for laboratory evidence of MS. I will see you Friday to discuss treatment.

Nothing like starting a blog on the day you get that news, eh?  Of course, as Dr Z noted, such news was not unexpected in a week which included a lumbar puncture and MRIs showing new lesions.  The surprise comes from the serendipity of making a neuro appointment weeks out, and then losing feeling in my leg that particular week; of having already taken days off work since my sister was coming for a visit;  of having my sister here with me for the support and the humor I have so needed; of having a doctor who knows that I am an information junkie who NEEDS to know, now, whatever there is to know.

  • {Health worry} released:  I don’t have transverse myelitis anymore!  I can put that puppy right out of my mind.

Proteomics and Spinal Fluid” by EMSL / BY CC