The Body Fat Solution

Farmers' Market

Tom Venuto is my hero.  He wrote a book called The Body Fat Solution which I have been listening to in my car for about a year. You will perhaps note that I have been merely listening to the book, not actually implementing any of its suggestions.  But that was then – this is now!  There is a great deal of {Body Fat} to be released around here and I know Tom is the man I need to help me.

The catchphrase around this house is about to become “calorie deficit” as we start following The Ten Body Fat Solution Nutrition Rules:

  1. Focus on the calorie deficit first and budget calories wisely.
  2. Start building every meal with lean protein.
  3. Eat vegetables (fibrous carbs) with every meal.
  4. Eat omega-3 and other healthy fats every day.
  5. Eat at least two fruits every day.
  6. Eat natural starches and grains as your “X-factor.”
  7. Eat mostly foods that pass the “natural test.”
  8. Eat a meal or snack every three hours.
  9. Limit or avoid liquid calories and drink mostly water or green tea instead.
  10. Follow the 90/10 compliance rule.

There you have it.  Toss in a little of Michelle Obama’s new MyPlate to give Q a visual for portion sizes, and you have a nutrition plan that is low on shiny newness and high on common sense.

  • {Body Fat} released:  Pick your jaws up off the floor.  I not only cooked a lovely chicken curry from scratch, but Q and I went to the gym and did weight training.

Farmers’ Market” by NatalieMaynor / BY CC

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