Do you see what I see?

Photo by pj_vanf

I am working on decluttering my bathroom one drawer at a time.  This morning, I tackled the bottom drawer, home to current and expired prescriptions, current and expired vitamins, and (apparently) current and expired eyewear fashions.  How many pairs of old glasses did I find?  Seven.  Dating back to 1990.

My mindset toward clutter is changing. At one time, I obviously found these glasses worth keeping; now, all I could think was, “Really?”  As it is, I have an annoying tendency to wear my glasses until they are out of style, simply because I hate to shop for new frames.  Did I really think that one day I would wear the big round glasses of my youth again?  No.  It was just my sentimentality taking up space in my bathroom drawer.

A quick trip to Google, and I discovered that the Lions Club recycles eyeglasses!  They tighten the screws, polish the lenses, verify the strength, and file them away until a person in a developing country needs them.  I’m not sure how long it will take them to find someone who can see only the “E” with their left eye and can’t find the chart on the wall with their right eye, but when they do, they’ll have a supply ready to go.

  • {Clutter} released: Five pairs of eyeglasses went to the local Safeway pharmacy, where they have a collection box for the Lions Club.  (Yes, I said five…  I saved the glasses I wore in my wedding and my favorite pink jeweled cat-eye frames.  They make great sunglasses.)

3 thoughts on “Do you see what I see?

  1. Y’know, most pharmacies will take expired prescriptions, too, so that they are disposed of properly. Think of all the drugs in all the world that get flushed down the toilet, only to make their way into our drinking supply. That’s right, you could be drinking not only lead and cryptosporidium, but a spot of estrogen for good measure. Maybe some heroin, too.


    1. That’s a good tip. I usually stockpile them to take to the Drive-thru Drug Day (usually combined with Bulky Waste Day), but it has been a couple of years since I’ve done that, and so I have quite a backlog. Here’s an idea: If I flush all my expired vitamins down the toilet, perhaps everyone will get a little surprise boost in health to help counteract the effects of all those undesirable drugs! 😉


  2. Now you’re talkin’. I can see a “drug” raid where the tweaker flushes his Costco bottle of Flintstones® vitamins down the toilet. I’d like that better than a meth-laced water supply.


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