Who do you want to be today? – Aspirational Clutter

Gingerbread men @Konditor & Cook stand, Thames Festival
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Today we get to part three of my personal inventory of clutter difficulties.  This is my bete noire, what Colleen at 365 Less Things calls Aspirational Clutter:

Aspirational clutter is any items that you aspire to using one day but one day never seems to come or items you used to use and “intend” to use again, but that never seems to happen. This could include…

  • Craft/hobby supplies that you used to enjoy using but haven’t touched in ages.
  • Bits and pieces of things that you swear you are going to make something out of. For example computer parts.
  • The broken down old car in the back yard that has been sitting there for years.
  • A shelf full of cookbooks that are only gathering dust while you cook the same old favourites that you know the family loves and you could make with your eyes shut.
  • Books piled up on shelves that you read years ago and keep for the day you are inspired to read them again.
  • That boat in the shed that has been rotting away while waiting for you to retire by the lake.
  • Sporting equipment for a sport you think you might want to take up again when you have more time.
  • Clothes you will fit into again when you lose that 20lbs you gain when 5 year old Johny was born.

…all of which are likely to be one or all of the following ~ out of date, out of fashion, perishing, collecting dust, wasting space and worst of all causing you angst.

When these items come into your field of vision they usually make you cringe either because of the money you have wasted on them, the disappointment in yourself for not living up to your own expectations or frustration from not having the time or energy to devote to them and knowing that you probably never will. In some cases these items represent an interest that although you had an idea to dabble in you really didn’t have the aptitude for.

Ah, yes.  The waste, the disappointment, the expectations and the frustration!  I am well acquainted with these by-products of Aspirational Clutter.  If only I were not quite so ambitious!  My home, for example, houses the detritus of the following aspirations:

  • Cook: I have a kitchen filled with equipment and cookbooks.  Can you say The Pampered Chef?  I can.  Can you cook?  I can’t… or I don’t think I can, which ends up the same way.
  • Crafter: In a large walk-in closet in my basement, box after box is filled with half-finished projects or the supplies for new projects.  Sewing, knitting, crocheting, needlepoint – all thread-and-yarn crafts are well-represented. 
  • Scrapbooker: Half of that basement guest room is filled with photos, memorabilia and scrapbooking supplies.  My Creative Memories baseball cap proclaims that I am a “Family Photo Historian,” and judging by all my half-finished albums, that is half true and half aspiration. 
  • Exerciser: Another section of that same room (yes, it is a dumping ground) holds all kinds of hand weights and yoga mats and blocks, while our entertainment cabinet holds a shelf of yoga and workout DVDs and videos. 

Many of these things have been sorted and purged, some of them time and again, and the quantity has been reduced.  Apparently, each of these dreams is deeply ingrained in me, and until I let go of the goal, I can’t seem to let go of the stuff entirely.  Yet another thing to delve into deeper as this process continues. (I’m like an onion, or a parfait…)

  • {Clutter} released: 6 t-shirts and 2 pairs of socks.

6 thoughts on “Who do you want to be today? – Aspirational Clutter

  1. We have had many a piece of exercise equipment pass through out house. Maybe the person who keeps buying it will finally learn. Shhhhhh don’t tell my husband I wrote that. 😆


    1. Too funny! I passed an exercise bike that I’d picked up at a yard sale on to the pastor of our church – and at the parish picnic on Sunday, he tried to give it back! (I didn’t take it, though. Good job, me!)


  2. Love the title – it’s set a song in my head that will be in there all day.

    Do you want to be just like someone on t.v.?


  3. A little Oingo Boingo? So many tunes going through my head by them for 3 weeks now. It’s as if it’s the only (mix) tape I own. Lazily, it’s the only tape in my car’s cassette player. One of these days I suspect someone is going to break into my car not to steal my radio/cassette player, but to leave me some of their old tapes.


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