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Clutter Be Gone!
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There are lots of books about getting rid of clutter out there.  (By “out there,” of course I mean “in the cabinet beside my bed.”)  Stop Clutter From Wrecking Your Family.  From Clutter to Clarity.  Lighten Up! Free Yourself From Clutter.  The Declutter Workbook.  There are even more on living simply and minimally.  Simplify Your Life.  Simplify Your Life with Kids.  Simplify Your Space. Simplify Your Time. Secrets of Simplicity. The Simple Home. The Simple Living Guide. Living the Simple Life. The Power of Less. It’s All Too Much. Stuff.

Don’t worry – the irony of having more than a dozen books on decluttering and simplicity does not escape me.  In my defense, I can assure you that I used to have three times this many books on these topics, and I have purged them… well, not ruthlessly, but I have purged them on numerous occasions.

These books are yet another example of Aspirational Clutter for me.  I aspire to live the simple life, to have a home that is streamlined and decluttered and easily cleaned.  Put this burning desire together with my weakness for any shiny new method and my love of book-shopping, and you have a mini-library in the making.

Some might be wondering, “Has Lori actually read any or all of these books?”  I would assure Some that I have read all the decluttering books and most of the simplifying books.  However, since I have not done all the decluttering and simplifying they recommend, I am keeping them for Reference Purposes.  These are very important Purposes.  In fact, most of my books are being kept for these Purposes.  (Most of my books are non-fiction.  That will need to be the subject of its own post.)  But in honor of this post, I have decided that I will part with one.  I actually just had to take a deep breath right there, just at the thought of it.  Now, before I go on, I am going to make myself go and choose one and put it in a box for Powell’s…got one!

  • {Clutter} released:  I chose “Stop Clutter From Wrecking Your Family,” because every time I saw that title, I felt sad, like I had wrecked my family by having clutter all these years.  FlyLady always says to get rid of things that make you feel bad.
  • {Stress} released: Going for a walk on the beach with my family!

One thought on “Clutter book clutter

  1. Beach? Where the heck are you? Y’know, some of those titles looked very interesting….{clutter} released to friend for reference Purposes. 😉


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