MRI fun for everyone!

Photo by Muffet

I have to get an MRI done of my brain tonight.  The gals who schedule MRIs always ask the same questions: Are you claustrophobic?  Have you ever had dye administered through an IV?  I find these questions bizarre since a) I have had multiple MRIs, with and without dye, without claustrophobia, and b) they did them!  You would think they have all this information in their records, but the protocol seems to take precedence over looking into their own files.  (Update: MRI went well.  The kind technician stabilized my head with foam shims.  I couldn’t move that sucker if I wanted to.)

Monday is supposed to be the first day of the pulsed steroids treatment (a monthly one-day megadose), but I apparently did not have the appropriate labs done since I was at the coast.  Before you start on this treatment, they check into a bunch of different things: bone density, calcium and Vitamin D levels, whether or not you have tuberculosis.  I was ranting this afternoon to David: I understand why they want a baseline bone density test, since some researchers believe prednisone use can lead to osteoporosis, but a TB test?  Is the prednisone going to give me TB?  I had to run to the lab yesterday to give blood, I have to return tomorrow for the TB test, and only after they get the results back will we start the steroids.  My boss will be happy because I will be unexpectedly available for typing purposes.

  • {Clutter} released: 5 magazines I had been saving to “process,” and a cup and soap dish set from Quinland’s bathroom.
  • {Health Worry} released: I am knocking down the tests and labs one by one.  Had an excellent session with Charles; my foot is completely loosened up, and by the end of the hour my numb knee was feeling pain.  Practiced my breathing and releasing extensively.

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