Magazine mania

365.26: Magazines
Photo by WordRidden

My name is Lori (Hi, Lori!), and I am a recovering magazine junkie.  In the recent past, I had subscriptions to 15 to 20 monthly magazines.  They would flood into the house each month, shiny little packages of information joy. I might thumb through them briefly, but then they would be set aside to be “processed.”

“Processed?” you ask.  “What in the world are you talking about?”

Ostensibly, the Process goes like this:

  1. Read magazine.
  2. Carefully rip out any articles I want to keep for future reference.
  3. File these articles in 3-ring binders by subject (travel, garden, home, exercise, etc.)

In actuality, the Process goes more like this:

  1. Pile magazines all over the house.
  2. Get tired of the piles, gather up magazines and put in a basket or pile near a bed or chair.
  3. Look at the basket regularly and think, “I should really process those magazines.”
  4. Blaze through a stack of magazines on a dull weekend afternoon; pile ripped-out articles in another basket to be filed at some future time.
  5. Gaze in despair at the sheer volume of magazines left to process.
  6. Read a book or some Jane Austen fan fiction instead.

I have decided to solve the processing backlog by non-renewing each magazine as the subscription expires.  To date, I have cancelled 9 magazines completely and more subscriptions are ending every month.  Luckily I still have all those baskets full of past issues to keep me occupied…

  • {Clutter} released: One metal candle holder centerpiece that I never use anymore.  Seven blue votive candles, new in shrink (as David would say).

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