Anti-Procrastination Wednesday, two days late

Photo by Jessica.Tam

FlyLady calls Wednesday “Anti-Procrastination Day:”

Wednesdays: Is your Anti-procrastination Day. Tackle those jobs you have been putting off for a week and get them off of your To Do list. You know the ones that have been ending up on the bottom of your To Do List each day and not getting marked off. At least do one of them. The weight and guilt will be lifted and you will feel better and less stressed.

I’ve spent the last few days trying hard not to procrastinate.  I have finished or at least worked on quite a few things that I had been putting off or avoiding completely.  I didn’t get them all done on Wednesday, but at least they came up off the bottom of the To Do List and actually got done (or started):

  • Finally wrote a review for Charles on Yelp (done!);
  • Finished my co-workers’ benefit statements for August (done!);
  • Called and made a well child Dr. appointment for Q (step 1);
  • Called and made an appointment to take my car in to the shop (step 1);
  • Got David signed up for the gym (done! after intending to do it all summer);
  • Did some foam rolling (that’s an ongoing thing, but I hadn’t done it in weeks);
  • Input tons of claim information at work (about halfway done!);
  • Started dealing with my work email inbox (a drop in the incredibly large bucket, but I started doing it!).

What finally lit the fire under me?  I think listening to the audiobook has been a big part of it.  I haven’t gotten to the steps that are supposedly going to help me cure my procrastination (because it is a 2-CD set and I kept forgetting to get the 2nd CD out of the back of my car), but just hearing her anecdotes about how her life used to be hectic and guilt-ridden when she used to procrastinate – and how calm and peaceful she feels now that she has stopped putting things off – just really struck a chord with me.  I want that feeling of being in control.

Do you put things off like I do?  What gets you going when you are procrastinating?

  • {Clutter} released:  Two pairs of pants that don’t fit or look good when they do fit.

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