Family ties

Purple Hydrangea with white edges
Photo by rumpleteaser

We just got home from my cousin Kelly’s wedding. Besides the beautiful bride and the obvious love she shares with her new husband, I was most struck by how wonderful my extended family is. Sadly, we rarely see them, not even the cousins who live here in Portland.

When we do see each other on rare occasions – baby showers, weddings, funerals – we always say how much we enjoy spending time together and how we need to make a point of getting together. Yet we rarely do… why is this?

The easy answer is, “We’re all so busy.” But what are we busy doing, if not spending time with people we love and enjoy? Up to this point, I could have told you that I was wasting that time shuffling my junk from room to room or hiding myself in a book to avoid thinking of all the junk I had to deal with.

It’s time to commit myself to actually making time and making plans.

  • {Body Fat} released: Lots of dancing! I swear, I need to make dancing my go-to exercise of choice.

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