The allure of … catalogs

Russian Dolls
Photo by b a r t

Quinland left a rarely-opened cupboard door standing open in my office today. I noticed a pile on a shelf and pulled it out; it was a stack of catalogs, some dating back to 1992 and addressed to Loma 7.

Sorting through the catalogs, I found a few that were easy to get rid of, but I was also compelled to keep some for “future reference” and to keep others just because they were so darn cool. They aren’t fashion catalogs (with the exception of a now-defunct but oh-so-wonderful J. Peterman one); those would be easy to (laugh at now-outdated styles and) recycle. No, the ones I keep tend to fall into two camps: super-awesome gadgets and unique gifts.

I could see that I had tried to purge the stack before: some of the catalogs had been reduced to nothing more than their back covers, giving me future access to their phone numbers and/or web addresses. But some, like the Sovietski Collection, (subtitled “Treasures From A Bygone Era”) are such a photographic glimpse of a specific time period that I am somehow hesitant to give them up.

Sigh.  It’s that whole “Lori is the self-appointed Keeper of All Things Historical” thing at work again. When I was a Creative Memories consultant, I always wanted to save one of each catalog that was released, as if a) there were no one at CM Corporate who had ever had such a notion, and b) after the next Great Flood or natural disaster, I were personally going to be asked to repopulate the earth with scrapbook products. I need to get over myself. Someday. In the meantime, if anyone wants to look at my catalog of handcrafted majolica platters from Uzbekistan, let me know.

  • {Clutter} released: A nice fat pile of catalogs. At least 10.

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