Girl time

Greeting cards

I am over at my friend Rainy’s house with our friend Victoria, talking with the girls and watching them crochet.  They were asking why they rarely see me.  I was explaining to them that for ages, I have felt like I can’t socialize until I have my act together.  There are always so many things to be dealt with at home, and I feel like I need to devote my time to getting them done.  Victoria suggested that they come over and get rid of a bunch of stuff, and then I wouldn’t have to deal with it anymore.  This kind of crazy talk just about makes me hyperventilate.

I am going about this process at a speed that makes me comfortable, one that makes me feel that the changes will be permanent.  Sometimes I get exasperated and wish I could just burn the house down and start over.  Then I remember when we lived out of backpacks in one room in Germany, and how – even though I loved our life over there –  I missed my “stuff” sooo much it was like a physical ache… and I know that I need to go slowly.  I am making progress every day, and I need to accept that and congratulate myself for it.

Now I just need to make time for my friends and not just for my piles.

  • {Clutter} released: Sixty-eight (68!) greeting cards purged during my hours of work in our office today.  Not cards people sent me, mind you, but new cards that I intended to send out someday.  Gone.  (Two magazines, too!)

Greeting cards” by Ognjen Odobasic /BY CC

5 thoughts on “Girl time

  1. Lori,
    I am sooo with you – go at your own pace, with friends’ “help”!! I’ve been where you are; no, once again, I am where you are! If you do it your own way, you’ll feel far less pain, and you won’t find yourself refilling the spaces. I’ve tried before – fast out, fast back in – and I’ve had “help”, just turned me “difficult” and stubborn. This time (10 months so far) with support from Colleen of 365 Less Things, I have cleared lots of “stuff” and piles of books (my weakness) and am nowhere near done yet, but it has become a part of my lifestyle, and I don’t believe I’ll ever again keep everything for “one day when I’ll be glad of it”.
    You do it, at your speed, in your way, and you’ll get there, happy.


      1. Ann,
        It simply means that if a new person comments, I need to approve that it is a real comment and not just spam. You are real, and I thank you so much for coming here and speaking up! I really value opinions and insight.


    1. Ann, thanks for the encouragement! That’s exactly the way it has been in the past: “fast out, fast back in.” I can’t say that nothing ever comes in these days, but I have noticed that I am much more thoughtful about what I bring in and what my reasons are for acquiring something new. Colleen definitely has the right method (slow and steady). Some days I do get rid of more than one item, but never more than I feel comfortable with. It’s a relief, really.

      BTW, books are my weakness, too!



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