Scrap shack, baby!

The B52s - Party Mix

I am at the beach this weekend with scrapbooking friends… including my friends Fred, Kate, Cindy and Keith.

We were driving out this morning when we looked up and saw a billboard:

The B-52’s. Chinook Winds Casino. Sept. 16-17

Whoo hoo! Look out, world – the scrapbookers are crashing the party. By the time we got to the beach house, all of us had seen the billboard and wondered if anyone else wanted to go to the show. (Heck, yes we do!)

The lovely and talented Deb has The B-52’s on her iPod, so we have a soundtrack for the early evening (that girl’s as useful as a small pot!). After dinner, we’ll meander up to the casino and have some fun. I am going to disregard the fact that the band is relegated to play at a casino and that there are “still plenty of tickets!” and just be happy for our good fortune, for the fact that we have a great deal of chocolate on the table, and for fun times spent with fun people.

  • {Procrastination} released: I am working on my dad’s 70th birthday scrapbook (he just turned 72). I am also working on sorting through memorabilia from my 1992 wedding. Better late than never!
  • {Stress} released: There’s nothing better for relieving stress than spending time with my little Deb: a nice drive, lunch, outlet shopping, setting up shop here at the beach house with the beautiful panoramic view… ahhhhhhhh.

The B52s – Party Mix” by chris m./BY CC

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