Reminiscing: “Friday night, it was late…”

We had such fun at the B-52’s last night!  We got our tickets at 7:58 for an 8 PM show and were sitting in the very last row.  During the second song, an usher came and moved us up to the third row!  Whoo hoo!  We got up and danced when no one else did, and Fred sang “Party Out of Bounds” to us.

I hope I look as good as Kate Pierson when I’m sixty-three.

scrapbooking supplies
Photo by shimelle

We are back to scrapbooking today.  I have just scrapped all my 2009 Christmas cards while a) uploading photos to Shutterfly, b) watching “In The Line Of Fire,” c) talking up a storm and d) eating candy.  It is a good, good day.

If I am being honest with myself, I have a love/hate relationship with scrapbooking.

I can’t tell you how many times I have walked into a room to see Quinland poring over our scrapbooks, reading the stories I have written about her baby and toddler years. She loves to look at them. I firmly believe that scrapbooks are a concrete way of transmitting family stories and of letting a child know how much you love her.

But being behind on my scrapbooks can be such a stress.  I documented Q’s life pretty consistently – although perpetually a year behind – until I went back to work full-time when she was four.  For the last nine years, I have taken fewer and fewer photos, and those I have taken have sat on the computer.  (There’s a quote going around that says, “Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be jpg’s.”)  I know that this is not unique; it’s true for most people.  And I know that most people don’t bother doing anything with their photos.  But it is important to me, and I want to make it a priority, so when I do not, it gets me down.

I need to either give up the dream or make the time to do it.  If I’m not going to do anything with all these pictures, why do I keep them?  Why do I keep taking them?  It’s as though continuing to take photos somehow atones for not doing anything with the old ones… but that feels like continuing to do loads of laundry without folding or putting away the ones that are already clean.

What about you?  Do you take pictures? Do you put them in photo albums or scrapbook them?  Do you tell the stories behind them?

  • {Clutter} released:  A big bag of papers!  It is so gratifying to reduce file folders filled with paper and photos into scrapbook pages.
  • {Procrastination} released: Finally getting these photos uploaded;  now all I have to do is have them printed and get them into albums!  ‘Cause that’s easy, right?

2 thoughts on “Reminiscing: “Friday night, it was late…”

  1. I still have to finish Canada (Labor day 2010) Start Hawaii (January 2011) and I have to get the pictures for the wedding album. By then I will have to start Europe too. I tend to take pictures of things I would like in my scrapbook and I can sometimes by looking at the object or space I can see the layout of the page to then determine the type of shot I want. So I don’t take many pictures while on vacation jsut shots that I can imagine in the book. For example in Canada we went Orca watching. I took about 10 photos and then put the camera away so I could view the whales through my eyes and not a lense. I printed all 10 photos and have them on the page like I imagined. In Kauai we say the spouting horn or something like that it was ocean water shooting up through a hole. I took only two shots of this two shots that I thought would look really neat in the book but not over do it. do you really need more than two shots of water shooting 20 feet in the air? Sometimes when you take an overload of pictures of roughly the same thing it can become overwhelming when scrapbooking. I only print the pictures that I want. Between Tim(Trigger finger) and I we had about 500 or more phots of our Hawaii trip. I went through all of them and only printed out 200. the 200 best shots that I thought would look great in the book. The rest are to be saved in a folder on the PC. Tim took about 50 pictures of fish while snorkeling I only had about 7 printed. I chose the best looking ones. That is how I process my Scrapbooking.


    1. What an inspiration, Whitney! I need to try visualizing the space to determine my shots. My friend Johanna does that, too; she even takes pictures of the signs at each place to use as page titles, and takes photos of the little details she sees to fill in the details of a trip. Buses, grocery store displays, garden beds… whatever she sees that is unique or different about a location. I think that the two of you are the most caught-up scrapbookers I know. (No coincidence there – you both have great strategies!)

      I cracked up at “do you really need more than two shots of water shooting 20 feet in the air?” 🙂


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