“Ms.” Pac-Man? M & “Ms”? MS?

Not being proficient with a digital camera, a scanner, or Photoshop, I rely on the joy and generosity that is flickr Creative Commons for the images I use on the blog. I needed an image for today’s post, but when I searched for MS, I got more Ms. Pac-Man and M&Ms than images that represented the medical condition in a recognizable way. I was amused. I was lucky enough to find a few, though.

MS, the cause is a mystery
Photo by rasdourian

This post is going to be short, simple and to the point:

Today is pulse steroids day, which equals twelve 50mg tablets of prednisone in the morning and twelve again at night, for a total of 1200mg. For comparison purposes, my pharmacy class at UGMS (University of Google Medical School) says that 50mg per DAY is considered a high dose for Rheumatoid Arthritis, and they split it up over the course of the day. I don’t feel too well right now. I need sleep badly, so I am going to take the recommended sleeping pill and go to bed.

  • {Stress} released: The final day at the beach, rain (!) for our dead lawn, dinner with friends… it was a good day. Oh, and my sister got to go to the Emmys. Sweet!

2 thoughts on ““Ms.” Pac-Man? M & “Ms”? MS?

  1. Okay, “irregardless” of all the other stuff, which mostly I’m glad you’re through that pulse and will hopefully be waking up soon and feeling “good,” G. got to go to the Emmy’s!? HOW on Earth did she score that? Who did she meet? Did she get to kiss Jon Hamm on the cheek? Or lips? Did she shake hands with Jon Cryer? (Am I on a “Jon” kick? Can I use any more “air quotes” on my “reply?” Hugs to you.


    1. Oh, dearest Ina. No, no kisses. Scored it through friends who belong to the Academy because they do not compromise with having day jobs and instead actually pursue their dreams and work tirelessly in Hollywood — unknown, but hard-working, and recognized with tickets to the Emmys 🙂
      Feel inspired by the event. Am planning to pick up the pen (well, computer mouse) and write again!


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