Let’s go to bed

When I got home tonight, all I wanted to do was crawl into bed.

Instead, I have visited with Quinland, watched her frost cupcakes, paid a stack of bills, ordered necessary and unnecessary things on Amazon, checked two blogs, listened to David’s (loud) friends play the Battlestar Galactica game, and I still need to sew a button on Bryann’s pants. Then I get to go to bed.

I don’t get enough regular sleep. I know I get plenty compared to some people (I’m looking at you, Gina!) but I need a good eight or nine hours to feel normal. I ought to get them between 10 or 11 PM and 7 AM, but that’s rare.

I operate better when I am well-rested. I’m pretty much caffeine-free, so on the days I am sleep deprived, I get no help there. I am counting on the CPAP to change my life, but I have a feeling it will change David’s life more than mine, as he will finally be able to sleep in peace and quiet. Still, it’s been less than a week. We shall see how it goes.

I need to be conscious of the things that my body needs. Regular sleep. Regular meals. Lots of water. Exercise. A consistent medication schedule. Hey, wait… there are sounding like David’s rules for me!  He’s a pretty smart cookie.  I guess after 26+ years, he knows me fairly well.

Do you get regular sleep?  Do you crawl under the covers at the same time every night, or does it vary based on what’s on the calendar?

  • {Clutter} released:  Two catalogs, a book, and a stack of “scratch paper.”
  • {Procrastination} released: Paid the bills, signed a permission slip and wrote a check for school on the first day they were brought home!

6 thoughts on “Let’s go to bed

  1. Woo hoo on the procrastination released! That’s a big one, I know, and I’m very proud of you. The other thing I wanted to mention: 26+ years!!!??? It’s not possible, since we’re only in our 30s and we all met in college. Just sayin’.


  2. I’m a night person–and a morning person, a lifetime of living on not very much sleep. Iin the past few years (not because I’m getting older or anything), I’ve had to institute a relaxation period before bed, so I can actually fall asleep at a decent hour. I try to start when my youngest goes to bed, about 9-ish, and a lot of times do activities I can do while sitting my my bed watching TV: sorting papers, writing notes, etc. I’ve found that my body can relax, and that helps my mind relax. On the flip side, if I’m sitting at my desk or even on the couch, I don’t really relax–just think of the next project I can/should do. Most of my life I’ve gotten by on about 6 hours of sleep, but now, happily, it’s more like 7!


    1. Perhaps I am getting too much sleep — or not watching enough TV — because you are my productivity hero. But any night that I only get six or seven hours of sleep, I am dragging like crazy the next day!


  3. I am inspired by your blog! What I have found is, when I exercise regularly, I am so tired I have to go to sleep. Of course, then we get into the “exercise regularly category.” You can see the infite regress that can occur 🙂
    I was also just told today that I have not been eating enough to exercise properly. Me? Not eating enough? Apparently the “live on coffee alone” for the first six hours of the day, when I am on the treadmill working, is leaving my body in need of fuel, so it eats my muscles. Then I cannot burn fat at all or something.
    Blast all these rules! But… I shall try to exercise regularly enough, with fuel, that I leave my muscles alone and want to go to bed. Yay.


    1. I truly thought you were talking about the figurative work treadmill, the one they never let you off, not the literal “treadmill desk.” I am fascinated by this idea of working and exercising simultaneously. I doubt it would go over at my office, unless my treadmill was a) invisible, or b) just the right shade of blue.

      I do agree that you should eat way more protein if you are exercising that much.


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