Time is on my side? Yes, it is.

timepiece prime time clock closeup watch
Photo by zoutedrop

I have difficulty organizing my time. My family and friends are hereby asked to stop laughing at this understatement.

What seems to be the trouble? Let’s analyze this a bit:

  • I don’t always have a good grasp of how long a task will take, so I underestimate the time needed.
  • I often try to cram too many tasks into too little time (“Look! I am ready early! I’ll just fold this laundry before I go!”).
  • I can get so engrossed in a task, I lose all track of time.
  • The tasks which should be attended to now (in order to be done in a timely manner) can’t be done now, since I am currently attending to the tasks that I should have attended to yesterday or last week or a year ago.
  • [Add your own observation here.]

What has brought on this attack of frustration with myself? Girl Scout Camp. I want to be packed and organized and ready to go to camp tonight, two days early. Instead – due to an unexpected upset stomach which has put me out of commission for the evening – I have not yet begun to pack, I have not yet called my new co-leader to finalize plans, I have not yet finished up permission slips and paperwork, and I have not yet cleaned my house… all of which must be done in the next twenty-four hours.

Argh. Now I have to do the tasks in half the amount of time I allotted, which was probably not enough time in the first place.  (Don’t get me started on the theory that it is this backlog of tasks that may have given me the upset stomach in the first place. I can’t even go there.)

I need to take a deep breath.  Stressing out about it isn’t going to get the things that need to get done, done.  I need to take my medicine, get good sleep, and get right to work in the morning; it’s the only solution.  The good thing, as always, is that I will have a wonderful weekend with my wonderful Scouts. That’ll keep me going if I am frazzled tomorrow.

  • {Procrastination} released: I did get the packing email sent out to the girls tonight, thank goodness.
  • {Stress} released: I am officially done with Continuing Ed for work as of today, and I completed it two months early! No last-minute scrambling for me this year!

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