More adventures with BigEye

Sticky Situations
Photo by TerryJohnston

When we last checked in with the BigEye saga, the ophthalmologist had declared it must be a tumor — brain, sinus, or other — and I was waiting to get an MRI.  Unfortunately, good old Southern California Kaiser had a month-long wait for an MRI appointment for any reason, even a possible brain tumor.

I amused myself in the meantime by getting engaged.  (This was very romantic; one day David said, “So, do you want to go ring shopping today?”  I did.  I’m the kind of girl who likes to pick out her own engagement ring.  He would have never guessed that I wanted a sapphire.)  Finally, the big day arrived (the MRI, not the wedding), and lo and behold… “It’s not a tumor.”  Hmmm.  By process of elimination, they decided that I could have both hypothyroidism and Graves Disease (1% of cases do), and that it could affect only one of my eyes.  Final diagnosis: euthyroid (not caused by the thyroid) unilateral (one-sided) exophthalmos (sticking-out eyeball), or — as we like to call it — BigEye.

You can have lots of fun with BigEye.  Since I could not close my left eyelid, I would fall asleep with my eye open.  I had no awareness of it — it felt the same as sleeping with both eyes closed — but David discovered that he could wave his hand in front of my face and I would wake up.  Apparently a) one can see while asleep if one’s eye is open, and b) others find that this is a fun way to amuse themselves on a long train ride.  I was later taught a better, less cornea-damaging way to sleep: fill your lower eyelid with LacriLube (main ingredient: petroleum jelly), and then pull your upper eyelid over the BigEye and tape it to your face.  (Yes, indeed… with Scotch tape.)  The eye stays closed until you pull the tape off in the morning!  You only lose a few extra eyelashes a day!  Your eye feels much better because it is not dried out like an old sponge!

Attractive, eh?  Don’t forget that I got married while all this was going on!  David will never forget, ever, because I chose every single one of our wedding photos based on whether or not the BigEye looked good in the proofs.  David could have been grimacing or coughing or looking the other way, but if the BigEye was well-camouflaged, I was a happy girl.  In the end, though some of them made him look strangely like Patrick Swayze, none of the final photo choices made David look too bad…

Stay tuned for Further Adventures with BigEye!  Find out about “orbital decompression!”  Relive the drama of plastic surgery!  Hear David’s strange prediction… and how it came true.

  • {Clutter} released: Six more duplicate Newbery books!  Putting those books in alphabetical order was well worth it.

3 thoughts on “More adventures with BigEye

  1. So far, this is my favorite episode of “Adventures with BibEye.” I would love it if there were another long train ride episode. It might be called “BigEye Takes to the Rails.”

    I must ask, what Newberry books are they? It may be I need to read some of them….(hint, hint).

    I’m so proud of you for continuing to purge, at some point it actually will inspire me to do the same. I think, though, I’m burnt out from purging Dad’s house – and I’m really still not done with it. Do I REALLY have to sort through 10 boxes of various paper items? Maybe I can, if I can be watching “Adventures with BigEye” (Coming soon to a station near you!) whilst working…


  2. How Funny. I sleep with my eyes open on a regular basis. I used to use the lacralube but I have become sensitive to it. I have fallen asleep watching TV and Tim hadn’t realized I was alseep.


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