runaway brain

Photo by jenny-bee

Apologies in advance to Soul Asylum, but this is exactly how I feel right now:

Runaway brain, never going back
Wrong way on a one-way track
Seems like I should be getting somewhere
Somehow I’m neither here nor there

I am sitting at my desk at work at 9:45 pm — my workday ends at 4:30 — trying desperately to finish up my month-end bookkeeping and go home.

I say “desperately” because I am feeling desperate now that I have taken a “dinner break” which has lasted… well… let’s just say a bit too long, seeing as how it most recently involved roaming hither and thither around the internet in a frenzy of — I kid you not — looking at articles on how to organize your time.  Using Google Calendar.  And Remember The Milk.  And Week Date.  I believe there were also a few articles in there about large metal chickens and profane hand towels, and perhaps there might have been some looking around at hard-to-find light bulbs and how to upgrade laptop RAM with new memory sticks.  I also might have seen the new Miche bag shells, learned about Wookiee the Chew, and visited BowerPower repeatedly to see if Katie B had posted.  (She just did, btw, in case you need your fix, too.)

Whew.  Do you feel as dazed right now as I do?  Well, be glad it didn’t waste hours of your life.  My brain needs to get off the internet track, get back on the work track, and get out of here.  I am bound and determined to close the month while it is still September.  Wish me luck.

  • {Clutter} released:  All kinds of papers I’d been saving at work — catalogs, menus, order forms — that I really don’t need.  My “To File” tray is looking good.
  • {Stress} released:  Hmmm…  Once I get done here, I’ll have a weekend without Month End hanging over my head.  So I got that goin’ for me.  Which is nice.

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