Trick or Treat!

I was Ben Franklin for Halloween this year.  Little Ina let me borrow all the clothing, as well as her wire-frame glasses and a skeleton key.  I made the kite out of a file folder, some knitting needles her dog, Mitzi, had chewed up, some tape, and a wire hanger.

I look amazingly like Ben Franklin in this getup.  Part of the uncanny resemblance comes from the fact that I have a very high forehead.  In fact, it has been said of my forehead (by me) that it “shineth like a beacon.”  I have spent the greater part of my life wishing I didn’t have to deal with the need for a frontal comb-over, but I must say that my forehead has brought a lot of humor into my life.  Today, for instance, I walked out of the office at 5, and a girl from the ad agency across the hall saw me.  She said, “Wow.  Just wow.  You know, if you look like Ben Franklin, you’ve just gotta own it.”  Hilarious words of wisdom right there.

Had a fabulous evening.  Q and her friends hung out here before and after trick-or-treating, and we ate and drank and talked and laughed with our friends (their parents and Lynette and Joe).  Took a voluntary day off the healthy eating plan and treated myself from the smorgasbord of goodies we laid out.  Pumpkin bread pudding?  Don’t mind if I do!

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for all the food that people brought over tonight!  It was perfect.
  • I’m lighter! I cracked myself up with my costume today.  I wore it to work, wore it at home, wore it out trick-or-treating with the girls.  I had a wonderful time with my friends, too.

Hope-you’re-hungry Halloween!

Between the creative minds of Quinland and my friend Nancy (and the help of Hannah and Sophie), we spent an very fun evening getting ready for Halloween tomorrow.

Q started off by making a cool wire-art pumpkin out of paper clips and jewelry pliers.

I started carving a watermelon brain while Q and her friends made some candy monsters they saw in American Girl Magazine.

Then we started decorating Nancy’s fabulous sugar cookies.  When I say “we,” I mean I decorated one calico cat.

The reason I was not decorating cookies is because I was working on my Alien Pumpkin.  Take one white pumpkin.  Instead of cutting the top off, cut a hole in the back side of the pumpkin, then scoop out guts in the usual fashion.  (Roast pumpkin seeds and eat.)  When finished, prepare a whole bunch of lime Jello.  Pour the lime Jello into the pumpkin and chill.  Tomorrow I will cut out some teardrop-shaped alien eyes and then shine a flashlight through the hole in the back.  It should be cool;  I’m nervous about a potential Jello disaster, but I’ll take a picture and post it if it works out.

I can’t wait for Halloween.  Q is going to be The Joker from Batman;  I am going to be Benjamin Franklin.  I was inspired by some photos from Girl Scout camp a few years back in which there is a striking resemblance to Ben in his flag-wielding prime.   (The Oscar for Costume Design goes to Little Ina, for Ben Franklin.  I look scarily like Ben in my costume.)

How about you?  What are your Halloween plans?  Do you have any costume designs to brag about?  Cookies or pumpkin ideas to share?   Spill your guts!

Five things I am grateful for today:

  1. Keith stepping in for coffee-and-donuts duty when I was running late this morning.
  2. Getting nice compliments on my reading at church.
  3. My awe-inspiring Ben Franklin outfit.
  4. Help from my lovely sister on the proposal (Joe loved it!).
  5. David making a special trip to get the apple rings Q wanted for the crafts.
  • {Live a joyful life and spend time with people I love}:  See above.

Setting priorities

Priorities are a tough thing for me, as I have mentioned before.  I get so overwhelmed by the big picture that I can’t figure out what to do, let alone what to do first.  Then I panic and hide from it all, or do the first thing that seems reasonable and work really hard but not necessarily on what is important.  Thus, I have decided tonight to sit here until I have a rough sketch of my priority list.  I’m going to focus on overdue things, determine why they need to be done and what the consequences of not doing each would be, and figure out a Next Action.  Then I am going to put the Next Actions on my Google Calendar.

Car registrationexpired September 30.  Could get ticketed at any time.  Next action: Find out when DEQ is open.  Done; closed Sun, Mon, open til 7 pm Wed, open til 5:30 other days.  Next action: Go to Sherwood DEQ on Wed this week.

Call the accountant and sign papersneed to do ASAP.  Don’t want to hear from the IRS!  Next action:  Call accountant and set a time to meet.  Done; got voice mail.  Next action: call if he doesn’t call back by Tuesday pm.

Basement room cleanoutGreg wants to move in on Halloween.  Room is basically empty, but we need to take down shelves, dust and vacuum.  We really need to paint, but might not get to that.  “Might” not, ha ha…  Don’t want to start off on the wrong foot.  Next action:  Dust and vacuum tonight.

Get a new faucet for the kitchen and install it — old one is leaking.  The last thing we want is drywall damage behind the kitchen cabinets.  Next action:  Drive to Home Depot and buy a faucet.

Fix the handrail on basement steps it is completely detached as one of the kids banged into it and the bracket snapped.  Someone could fall and break their neck.  Next action: Unscrew bracket from wall for sample.  Drive to Home Depot and buy a new bracket.

Fix the oven door handlealso completely detached.  It is very hard to use the oven and I don’t want to damage the handle further.  Next action:  Figure out if we have the screw or need to get one.

Call Kaiser for an eye appointmentthey called a month ago or more and told me they want to check me for cataracts.  I don’t know if this is preventive or if they are really suspicious.  Next action: Call Kaiser for appointment.  Called them, but ophthalmology is only open M-F.  Next action: Call Kaiser for appointment on Monday.

Put away the patio furniturebecause it is rainy now and the furniture is made of wood and I don’t want it to get ruined.  Next action:  Either wait for a dry day, or bring wet furniture into garage.

Prepare listings for eBaythe best time of year to see is right before Thanksgiving, because people want things like American Girl dolls for presents.  We could make some serious money as well as clearing out space in the house, but that won’t happen if we don’t act quickly.  Next action: Take photos and write up listings of one thing at a time.

Girl Scout financialswere due June 30, 2011.  If I don’t get them in by December 1, my girls may not be able to sell cookies.  Next action:  Find all bank statements.

Girl Scout registrationsshould have been in by October 1.  Girls can’t go to another meeting or event until I make sure they are all registered.  Next action:  Check Personify website.

Call my new Girl Scout co-leader and apologize for being so behindI cannot imagine what the poor woman is thinking.  I don’t want her to decide she doesn’t want to work with me.  Next action:  Call.  Done; got voice mail.  Next action: call if she doesn’t call back by Sunday pm.

Okay, it’s all scheduled in Google Calendar, and I did all the ones I could do in 2 minutes or less.  Now, I need to prioritise these things until they are all done.

Five things I am grateful for today:

  1. David and Quinland letting me sleep until after noon;
  2. Don and Raina/Eric for running Q to and from soccer while David and I both worked;
  3. Having the chance to focus and make this priorities list;
  4. Raina’s words of wisdom about obliviousness last night;
  5. My lovely, reliable car.
  • {Used my time well and made healthy, realistic choices}:  See Priority List, above.  Isn’t it beautiful?