Doing… doing… done!

Photo by jean-louis zimmermann

I have been thinking about Getting Things Done, David Allen’s book about “The Art of Stress-Free Productivity” all evening. The idea behind GTD is that you get all your worries and ideas and plans and to-do’s out of your brain and into a secure system that stores them “offline” for you, leaving your mind at peace.  Just think of it!  I have had the book and entertained the idea for years, but I have not had much confidence in my ability to actually implement a system with any consistency. However, this was before I was imbued with the fighting Patti spirit.  Now, I will take on the whole GTD concept and see if it works for me.

Actually, it is not the original David Allen way of Getting Things Done (pictured above) that I am going to try, but an offshoot called M.O.M.s, or Mind Organization for Moms, which I found at the website, “The Power of Moms.”  I can tell you just which blurb called to me:  “Stop that ‘deer-in-the-headlights’ feeling you get a hundred times a day when you realize you forgot to do something important.”  I am interested to see if it stops that “What is up with Lori?!  She was supposed to [bring / mail / call / ask / send / do] _____ for me, and I haven’t heard back from her in weeks!” feeling that other people have been getting a hundred times a day when they realize I forgot to do something important.  That would be awesome.

I am still Patti today (although it started to wear off a couple of hours ago), so I must go to sleep.  But I am optimistic about this whole mind organization idea.  Even if it seems just like another shiny new scheme.

{Clutter} released:  Burned my way through another big stack of newspapers.

{Perfectionism} released: Started the Master Task List that is the starting block for Getting Things Done.  I worried that I did not have every last task list in front of me, but I made the decision to go with what I had and just do it.  

3 thoughts on “Doing… doing… done!

  1. As Carsten might say, “Good for you!” And then grin. And I’m thinking, “How many stacks of newspapers do you have?!” And I wonder how old the oldest one is. Just sayin’ (wink emoticon here).


    1. The oldest paper, or the oldest stack? I am pretty sure that the oldest paper I have in a stack somewhere dates back to 1994… although I might have some older ones that I have to keep for the Official Archives of the World in case they ever lose theirs. I am very handy that way.


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