Here you go, way too fast…

Don’t slow down, you’re gonna crash…

It is hard to convince myself that this whole process of lightening up is going to take time.  I want it to be done, now.  I want to be caught up and cleaned out and on top of things.

That’s only half true, actually.  David has all kinds of ideas for speeding up this process — most of them involve wholesale destruction, sometimes involving bonfires — and I am not too keen on any of them.  My problem is the same as it always is:  I want things done a certain way, and done well, but then I get overwhelmed by it all and convinced that I will never dig my way out.  This unleashes a raft of coping behaviors, many of which involve carbohydrates and old-fashioned authors and, if the stars align perfectly so that this all crashes on a weekend or holiday, my bed.

I can’t complain, though, this week.  Since being Pattiized, I have accomplished a great deal.  I’m knocking the to-do’s down one by one.

  • {Procrastination} released: Called around and found out the dates that all the appointments that I should have written down on my calendar are scheduled, and added them to the calendar.  Added many things to my Master Task List.  Returned books (should have done a week ago).  Turned in Girl Scout check (should have done a month ago).  Called two good friends (way overdue).  Oh, darn it!  I was supposed to call Whitney back after work!  OK, that’s plus six and minus one for Lori.

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