Craft room chaos!

As I alluded to yesterday, we are going to be renting out our house while we are overseas next year.  Unfortunately, we discovered this week that the friend we plan to rent it to has to leave his living situation before March.  I was afraid we’d lose him as a renter, so we proposed that he move into our basement for the five months before we leave,and then stay for the five months we are gone.  (Don’t worry; it’s a decent basement.  We’re not cramming him in between the washing machine and some ductwork.  In fact, we are on such a steep slope that our basement is still a good 6-8 feet above ground on the south side, so it gets nice light.)

To make a long story short: I need to completely empty the room in our basement that has been my guest room / craft room / storage room for the past six years.  The room where clutter goes.  The “Out-of-sight, out-of-mind” room.  The room that the professional organizer took photos of to use as a before-and-after on her website… but in 3 years of working on it, it never got to the “after” stage.

Yeah.  That room.

I was panicking this morning.  David’s response was, “I thought you were going to turn the playroom into a craft room.”  True, but the playroom is maybe half the size of the guest room and does not have an enormous walk-in closet (which is currently stacked floor-to-ceiling with boxes of crafting stuff and memorabilia and future gifts and board games and scrapbooking bags and carts and…)

The stuff shown here is the stuff that doesn’t even fit in the closet.

You get the picture.  I have a feeling that this blog is going to be full of {Clutter} released from that closet in the next week or two (during which time David’s mom will be residing in that room as our honored guest, so I hope I don’t disturb her too much).

Do you have any craft room tips to share?  Something you wish you had done in your own room?  Any dreams and visions for how to make the most of a small room with a good third of it chopped off by a random diagonal wall?

  • {Perfectionism} released:  Got the bed in the guest room made up beautifully for David’s mom.  I have decided I am fine with the fact that I wanted to repair the big comfy chair with the broken leg, get more of the junk cleared out, and get the rest of the basement looking halfway decent before she came… none of which got done.  It’s okay, because I am not the only one who could have done it, and I did what I could in the time that I had.  She is just happy to be here, luckily.
  • {Procrastination} released: I upgraded the RAM in my 2005 vintage laptop!  The repair guy at Fry’s gasped, “OMG!” (Okay, he said it right out.)  I gasped, “What?!” He goes, “This laptop only has 512 MB of RAM!”  (I know.  That’s why I said it was run by little hamsters on hamster wheels.)  Well, it’s got a full 2 gigs now, baby!

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