Craft room: punch list

The current state of the playroom (the soon-to-be craft room) in all its unstaged, as-is, low-res phone camera glory.

I have been brainstorming the whole craft room situation, and I decided I need to spell it all out in black and white.


  1. Sell all the stuff that needs to be sold on eBay.
  2. Clean out any old toys and books from Q’s playroom days.
  3. Set up the IKEA desk and drawers to replace the folding table.
  4. Decide if we are going to keep the old oak credenza in there.  If so, clean it out!  If not, clean it out, clean it up and sell it on Craigslist.
  5. Hang the IKEA bar-and-baskets for tools.
  6. Bring up the scrapbook stuff and needlework stuff from the basement and purge it ruthlessly.
  7. Set up the room in a good, workable manner.

There!  Easy peasy, right?

Uh… no.  If only every single one of those tasks were not so huge and daunting to me!  I could break them down into their respective 15-minute steps, and I would still be very, very afraid.  What do I usually do in situations like this?  Well, here are a number of things I have done in the past:

  1. Do nothing about it due to the sheer ‘overwhelmingness’ of the task.
  2. Same as above, but with a book –  Jane Austen, perhaps – and a heaping helping of guilt.
  3. Go into the playroom, start tearing things up, get it all dragged into the middle of the room, get intimidated, and then do nothing about it.
  4. Decide I am completely messed-up and useless, get depressed, and then swirl into a frenzy of reading and googling and trying to fix myself;  decide it’s all hopeless and then do nothing about it.
  5. Find another project that needs doing (that is no doubt equally intimidating) and try all of these steps on that task.

You can imagine how all this has been working out for me.  Applying poor strategies to challenging tasks is a pretty big time suck.  It’s not that I never get anything accomplished – I do, and I am proud of those things (keeping the bills paid, the clothes clean, and the people happy).  Still, I am looking forward to the time that the list of things I am confident about is longer than the list of things that I am intimidated by.

  • {Clutter} not exactly released, but resisted: I was going to buy some biographies of L.M. Montgomery that I found online, but I decided to check the library first – and they had the one I most wanted, at my local branch.  I didn’t think they’d have an obscure book even Powell’s doesn’t carry.

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