Party madness!


This is a short post to say that Q is having a slumber party as we speak, and I have a bunch of girls surrounding me.

More later, but I have to play Times Up, first.

Edited to add:  I am so fortunate to have a daughter who wants me to join in the party games, who hugs me at the end of the party and says, “You are my best friend and I love you.”  I am also lucky that she has friends who love to play games and sing and who are also funny and goofy and kind to each other.  I know that 13 is supposed to be the age of drama and rebellion, but aside from some exasperated sighs and the occasional eye-roll from Q, I haven’t experienced it yet. I definitely count that among my many blessings!

Candles” by Brimstone/BY CC

2 thoughts on “Party madness!

  1. holy cow yes you can! I have three, count them THREE and it is constant drama around here. I’m so happy/jealous for/of you.


  2. It’s one of the big bonuses of having only one kid, I guess. I’m sure Q would put up with all the drama to have siblings, though, so I guess there’s a bit of jealousy/happiness going both ways!


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