it was thirteen years ago today…

It was thirteen years ago today that a little baby girl named Quinland Rose came into my life.  Through all these years, I have been given clues about the person she is and will become.

When Quinland was a newborn, we discovered that she did not really like to sleep, but that she loved to be cuddled.  She still resists bedtime and still loves to snuggle.

When Quinland was a baby, she would gaze into my eyes with the most loving look and pat my back when I held her.  I could make her laugh and laugh like nobody else.  She is still as love-y as can be, and I can still make her laugh her head off.

When Quinland was a toddler, she started to sing (“The bunny, the bunny, oh, the bunny”).  She’d pull her tubs of books off the shelves and look through them all,  one by one.  She’d build a tower of blocks and say, “Good job, me!”  She still sings constantly; she still loves her books; she is still amazingly self-confident.

When Quinland was a preschooler, she baked cookies with Grandma and made her own cake for her fourth birthday.  She told me, “Clothes do not have to match.  Dad said so!” and “When I grow up, I’m going to be a drummer in a rock-and-roll band.”  She has become an excellent baker who treats us (and her friends) regularly and who loves to watch the Food Network.  She still has her own unique style and has never succumbed to cookie-cutter fashion.  She will be in a band, though she might be playing bass instead of drums.

When Quinland started school, she made friends easily, loved to read above all things (and sometimes under her desk), and charmed her teachers with her enthusiastic participation.  Whenever she got the chance, she was making origami, building something, knitting or crocheting, or working on an art project.  She still makes friends easily and is still the “Reader Rabbit” I called her then.  Her enthusiasm knows no bounds, and when she is really enthusiastic, her voice knows no bounds, either!  She is still a little MacGyver who loves creating things with her hands. 

All the way into middle school, Quinland has done an excellent job of choosing friends who are good and kind and who have parents I love, which is very handy.  (Keep it up, Quinland!)

Now Quinland is thirteen.  At Mass this morning, Father Jim’s homily was about the fact that God calls each one of us by name; He has known us since before we were born, knows our hopes and dreams, and cherishes each one of us.  It seemed really appropriate, since this was the day, thirteen years ago, that we learned Quinland’s name.

(I love you, baby girl, and I am looking forward to all the years to come!  XOXO, Mama)

Five things about Quinland that I am grateful for today:

  1. She is excellent company.
  2. She has a great sense of humor.
  3. She takes compliments easily and graciously.
  4. She is becoming quite poised.
  5. She is as smart as a whip and puts her mind to good use.
  • {Clutter} released: I sent home all kinds o’ stuff today: a video with Auntie Heidi, a birthday basket o’ books with Tante Ina, some birthday gifts with Devin, a glass jar with Grandma Ann, some magazines for Markham School and an early birthday gift with Deb. Whoo-hoo!

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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