You are now entering the Predni-Zone

Yeah, except I took 24 of them. Photo by [singtomejustonemoretime]

Sorry about not posting yesterday.  I was kind of weirded out on steroids.  I keep wondering if I am going to get used to them.  First thing yesterday morning, I thought, “Oh, this is no big deal.  I could go into work and do stuff.”  That moved to, “Hm. Maybe I’ll go into work after I lie down for a little bit.”  Which became, “If I don’t get out of this bed RIGHT NOW, it will be VERY BAD.  Maybe I will do some laundry.  Maybe I can’t carry the basket downstairs, but perhaps I can kick it down.  Or not.  If I put on this load of laundry, will I ever remember it again?  Is there ANY FOOD in this house?”

Have I mentioned before that megadoses of prednisone make you hungry?  Luckily I had some leftover Indian food that I could just put in the microwave, and filled up the rest of the day on fruit and nuts, because I am trying to stay on the no flour and no sugar plan. 

The rest of the day alternated between trying to sleep to stop the jitters and mindlessly surfing the internet in a haze.  Again, I had a strange feeling that there was nothing wrong with me, while simultaneously feeling that I was drunk, but in a jittery way, instead of a dizzy way.  David came home from school and mentioned that he wanted a nap and a haircut.  I offered to give him the haircut, but he smirked at me and said there was no way he was letting me near a pair of clippers.  I said that hair grows back, but he said that eyes don’t. 

Later I took a sleeping pill (early, since it lasts 12+ hours on me) and reminded him that I needed to take the other 600mg of prednisone at 9 pm.  I don’t remember doing that.  I don’t remember asking Quinland to text my boss.  I don’t remember Quinland coming home at all, quite frankly.  I don’t remember her strapping me into the hosehead machine or tucking me in.  It’s all a blur.

Today I woke up hours after I was supposed to, got to work late, and still feel really dizzy.  Tonight I will be going to Rejuvenation Day Spa and getting a relaxation massage.  This also involves getting wrapped in a fluffy white robe, putting my feet up, and drinking tea in a room they call the Sanctuary, which has a bubbly fountain.  I tried this after last month’s pulse steroid day and it was very nice, so I booked it on the spot for the 19th of this month.  It’s an extravagance, I know, but I tend to treat myself well when bad things happen to me.  Don’t judge me – it really helps.  (And I’ve gotten some incredible jewelry from the gift shop at the Sunnyside Medical Center over the years…)

Five things I was grateful for yesterday when I didn’t post:

  1. My nice comfy bed.
  2. Domestic For Dummies blog.
  3. Catching Fire (Book 2 of the Hunger games, which I am re-reading because It Was There.
  4. My very nice family.
  5. Grapes.
  • {Take good care of myself}: Pretty much the motto of my day yesterday.

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