Accepting limitations

I don’t do well with limitations… especially self-imposed limitations.

Take tonight, for instance.  I want to pay bills, file papers, plan menus, keep working on my Master List of things to do, do laundry, attend a meeting at church, attend a Girl Scout meeting, keep moving stuff up from downstairs, and keep working on the new craft room.

What am I actually going to do?  Eat a handful of grapes and go to bed.  I have been worn out ever since steroid day on Tuesday, and I know that I need to make a healthy choice and get extra sleep tonight.  I ate half my lunch at lunchtime and the other half at 5:30 pm, so I don’t need anymore food.  I just need the rest.  It’s hard to reconcile that with my miles-long list of things that need doing, but I am going to make the healthy choice.  Darn it.

Five things I am grateful for today:

  1. That my boy graciously went to the church meeting without me.
  2. A new food cart discovery at lunch.
  3. A new painting Mimi and Tom hung up in the office which replaced a print I really disliked.
  4. Getting some mail opened and sorted.
  5. Grapes, again.
  • {Take good care of myself}: Walked to the bank instead of driving.  Another no flour, no sugar day.  Going to bed at 7 pm.
  • {Make healthy, realistic choices}: Going to bed instead of being productive.

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