To-do list update

Back on the 14th of September, I debuted my new and improved 10-item list:

  1. File papers for 15 minutes. Done!  (Multiple times)
  2. Get tax papers in order. Done!  Taxes filed.
  3. Mow the lawn. Done! Now it needs to be mowed again, which I guess is a good sign that we didn’t kill it completely.
  4. Plan a general itinerary for Europe (which countries / which weeks).  Kind of done.  Not really a final itinerary.
  5. Gather all bank statements for Girl Scouts bank account.  Kind of done.  I know their general location.
  6. Do 15 minutes of writing.  Does the blog count?  No, I know it doesn’t, darn it.
  7. Write up an exercise plan for the gym.  Started it, but didn’t finish it.
  8. Talk to Billy re: ClubSport orientation sessions.
  9. Cancel cable television.
  10. Get a new faucet for the kitchen.

Epic fail, as Q would no doubt say.  (And we really need to replace the leaky faucet…)  The more I work with the whole Getting Things Done / Mind Organization for Moms program, the more I realize that you can’t  put recurring, maintenance-style tasks on a to-do list.  Basically, the items will never come off, and you will be demoralized by feeling that you are not accomplishing anything!

My wish for my upcoming weekend:  I just want this crazy fatigue to be over and done with.  All I want to do is sleep.  if I could just get some energy, we could clean out the basement room and get it ready to rent.  (Easy-peasy, right? Ha.)

Five things I am grateful for today:

  1. Grapes.  Did I mention that on this no-sugar eating plan, grapes are like candy?
  2. My nice, thoughtful husband.  Yes, I mean David.
  3. Q getting to have a sleepover at Hannah’s tonight, so I could sleep from 6-9 pm without guilt.
  4. Getting to walk and chat with Little Ina at lunch.
  5. How amazing it is to plan a trip to Europe with the Internet as a resource.  This is a first for us.
  • {Take good care of myself}: No flour, no sugar again.  Did I mention that all of these days are no dairy, too?  Had a little walk, took a long nap, going back to bed.
  • {Quality time with people I love}: Nice chatting and hanging-out time with David in the AM, and again tonight.  Sometimes we are so busy with doing stuff we don’t have time to talk.

One thought on “To-do list update

  1. One thing I’m grateful for: Thanks for letting me vent, Little Lou. It’s just always a pleasure to talk with (or vent at?) you. Muah.


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