Stuffing the elephant into the Kleenex box

We are attempting to put the contents of one well-stuffed large room (elephant) into one already-pretty-stuffed small room (kleenex box). This is amusing because, as David said, we would have been hard-pressed just to put the contents of the small room away, let alone add anything.  However, necessity is the mother of invention, so we are going to have to find a way!

The aforementioned small room is up two flights of stairs, as I am sure I have already mentioned, but which I am dwelling on due to the sheer number of times I have climbed those stairs today.  Whew.  I definitely don’t need to belong to a gym.

The basement guest room is looking pretty cleaned out.  (The closet down there? Not so much.)  We took photos of the Ikea daybed and the basement couches and put them on Craigslist, returned Lynette’s extra daybed mattress, deflated the Aerobed, and cleared out the exercise stuff.  In the midst of all this, I took Q and Hannah to soccer, typed six documents for work, took a two-hour nap, visited with Lynette and Joe, did dishes, and started reading a book called Child Life in Colonial America.

It’s interesting to look at the stuff that has been stored in that room, since it has basically been a vault of memorabilia.  Some is really old: my grandma’s old suitcase, stuffed with things I had made for her as a child; a “Fried Zucchini” sign from the Carl’s Jr. where I worked in high school; a glass bottle my dad found on the beach and gave me years ago; letters from friends dating back more than thirty years.  Some is more recent: baby stuff of Q’s, relics of my years in the Creative Memories “Consultant Protection Program,” souvenirs from various trips to Europe.  There are boxes and boxes of old craft projects: two afghans I started in college, needlepoint from high school, supplies for a loom I received as a gift twenty years ago.  I need to decide if the person I am today wants to finish the projects that the girl I was started back then, or if it is okay to let them go.  I don’t have an answer for that, yet.

Five things I am grateful for today:

  1. Help carrying things upstairs from the Joester;
  2. A gradual lifting of the depressed mood I have been in;
  3. Hugs from my friends at Q’s soccer game;
  4. The chance to sort through and organize all my scrapbooking stuff;
  5. Avocados.  (I finished the grapes this morning.)
  • {Take good care of myself}: Took a nap; continued on the healthy eating plan, although I accidentally ate croutons without thinking; major stair walking and box lifting.
  • {Use my time well}:  Worked, worked, worked all day long.
  • {Quality time with people I love}: Recounted Catching Fire to Hannah; visited with Lynette and Joe; saw friends at soccer.
  • {Live in a beautiful, orderly, clutter-free home}: Sorting through everything as I bring it upstairs, in an attempt to purge what I do not need as I put everything away.

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