Sing a new song unto the Lord!

Yep.  I joined the folk group at church.  As a singer.  Today was my debut, which was very stressful because a) I have never learned how to sing chorally; b) the last time I sang in a church group was twenty years ago; and c) the only time in the ensuing twenty years that I have sung into a microphone was doing karaoke.

It’s the karaoke that did it, actually.  At the church picnic in August, they had a karaoke setup, which is basically like cheese in the mousetrap to me.  Better yet, they had my Signature Karaoke Song, “Different Drum” by the Stone Poneys (aka Linda Ronstadt).  Let’s just say that I could teach ol’ Linda a thing or two about singing that song.  The two Marys who sing in the folk group were like, “Hey! We need singers!  We didn’t know you could sing!”  I was thinking, “I can sing this song really well, but I don’t know if that’s what you need…”  But I thought about it and agreed to do it.

I was terrified, to put it mildly.  The part of my cheering section that has been polled (David and Quinland) said they couldn’t even tell if I was singing.  Is this good?  Bad?  I am not sure.  But after Mass we rehearsed for the next two dates, and let me tell you, you could tell I was singing then.  I’m not sure if that was bad or good, either.  I think they are catching on to the fact that I have no idea how to sing harmony, that’s for sure.  (Not that I was trying;  I wouldn’t even know where to begin.)  They really do need someone to be able to sing the melody, in case one of the two of them is out… which will be happening in two weeks.  I’m already nervous.

Five things I am grateful for today:

  1. I did not fall off the riser while I was singing.
  2. Fabulous lunch at Chipotle.
  3. Getting some overtime at work again today.
  4. Q carrying scrapbook stuff upstairs for me.
  5. Someone is coming to buy the daybed tomorrow! (Fingers crossed!)
  • {Live in a beautiful, orderly, clutter-free home}: Sorted through a table-full of scrapbook stuff, hauled another load upstairs, started cleaning out the guest room closet.
  • {Take good care of myself}: Still on the healthy eating plan.  Multiple trips up and down stairs.  Going to bed at 10!

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