No Excuses Workout Challenge!

137/365 - 2/22/2011
Photo by GabrielaP93

Three or four years ago, I invested in a heart rate monitor from a Flylady partner called the No Excuses Workout System (NEWO).  I liked the idea of interval training based on your heart rate… but I never used it.  It sat in a box.  The batteries went dead from age and lack of use.

I have belonged to the NEWO Yahoo/BigTent Group for years, too.  I have watched the messages come and go:  “Have you lost 25 to 100 lbs this year?”  “You are worth it!”  “Don’t quit on yourself!” “I used to be a non-runner, but I just ran a half marathon!”

This past week, Jonathan from NEWO has been announcing a Workout Challenge.  I missed the deadline for it, but I decided tonight that I would just do it all on my own.  I broke out the heart rate monitor, dealt with the batteries, figured out the instructions, logged in to my NEWO account (for the first time in 2 years, apparently), got my Interval Workout information… and did it.  It’s cool: the watch display thingy has a flashing light system (green, yellow, red) so that you can tell if you are in the heart rate zone even in the dark.  To push my heart rate up when I was supposed to, I went up my hill.

I’m proud of myself.  Good job, me.

Five things I am grateful for today:

  1. That Little Ina was born twenty-nine years ago.
  2. That the heart rate monitor still worked!
  3. Getting to teach Quinland how to use the iron.  (Is the fact that she did not know how – and I did not know that she didn’t – horrific parenting, or a refreshing disregard for wrinkly clothing?)
  4. That David’s wonderful friends stepped in and did some heavy lifting.
  5. That I have repeatedly remembered that I have a Dr. appointment tomorrow morning!
  • {Take good care of myself}: I took one bite of Ina’s birthday coffeecake before I remembered I am not eating flour or sugar – and I didn’t eat another bite!  Plus also that whole workout thing.
  • {Live a life filled with laughter}: You should have seen the hat I wore to work today.  I had a bad hair morning, and Q informed me, “That’s what hats are made for! And also, the coolness.”

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