Truth AND consequences

Hiding and watching
Photo by akk_rus

Sometimes it takes a real effort not to climb into bed and pull the covers over my head.

I’m pretty overwhelmed right now, between the number of things I need to do and my apparent ability to get them done.  I feel like my emphasis on personal growth might be at the expense of… well, everything else.

My house is giving me a psychic beatdown.  Everywhere I look, there are piles (I am talking about multiple-square-foot piles, not little insignificant stacks) of things to be dealt with: sell, file, give away, find a home for, burn.  I tell myself, “It’s going to get better!  It will be a rebirth!  Think of how fabulous it will be!”  But I am a pretty tough sell, and instead of being convinced, I get that wave-of-unreasonable-sadness feeling and the bed looks very very good to me.

Believe it or not, I try to be pretty upbeat on the ol’ blog.  I’m doing pretty well on my health lately.  I have gotten a good night’s sleep every night but one (which, admittedly, was a 2 am disaster) and I have been eating perfectly and exercising.  What I have NOT been doing is piling up all around me, and I am stressing out about it.

I need to face the music.  Be my own drill sergeant.  Kick my own ass, as my sister once said.  I need to call the people who need to hear from me, make the apologies that need to be made, do the paperwork that needs to be done.  It’s called character, people, and I need some, stat.  Hopefully, at the end of it all I can crawl into bed and sleep with a clear conscience.  Because right now, I’m not really feeling it.

Five things I am grateful for today:

  1. A lovely email from the church choir guy who said, “I can say with certainty that you have a good voice. So it would be great if you would sing with us.”  (I told him I was getting cold feet.)
  2. Making David so happy by finally cutting his hair.
  3. My boss told me I was doing a great job on the Very Important Report I have been working on.  I don’t even think he was trying to butter me up so I would work overtime this weekend.  Well, maybe…
  4. I got to talk to my dear friend Linda Q  for her birthday.
  5. Hyperbole and a Half.  I need to put it on my blogroll.
  • {Take good care of myself}: Exercised at lunch; ate well all day, going to bed at 11.
  • {Live in a beautiful, orderly, clutter-free home}: Worked for 2 hours with David tonight on eBay listings.

2 thoughts on “Truth AND consequences

  1. Hmmm, I get the beating up on oneself, but really, look at the progress you’ve made and continue to make. Good job, you! (a quote-kinda-from a very young Q).


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