Hope-you’re-hungry Halloween!

Between the creative minds of Quinland and my friend Nancy (and the help of Hannah and Sophie), we spent an very fun evening getting ready for Halloween tomorrow.

Q started off by making a cool wire-art pumpkin out of paper clips and jewelry pliers.

I started carving a watermelon brain while Q and her friends made some candy monsters they saw in American Girl Magazine.

Then we started decorating Nancy’s fabulous sugar cookies.  When I say “we,” I mean I decorated one calico cat.

The reason I was not decorating cookies is because I was working on my Alien Pumpkin.  Take one white pumpkin.  Instead of cutting the top off, cut a hole in the back side of the pumpkin, then scoop out guts in the usual fashion.  (Roast pumpkin seeds and eat.)  When finished, prepare a whole bunch of lime Jello.  Pour the lime Jello into the pumpkin and chill.  Tomorrow I will cut out some teardrop-shaped alien eyes and then shine a flashlight through the hole in the back.  It should be cool;  I’m nervous about a potential Jello disaster, but I’ll take a picture and post it if it works out.

I can’t wait for Halloween.  Q is going to be The Joker from Batman;  I am going to be Benjamin Franklin.  I was inspired by some photos from Girl Scout camp a few years back in which there is a striking resemblance to Ben in his flag-wielding prime.   (The Oscar for Costume Design goes to Little Ina, for Ben Franklin.  I look scarily like Ben in my costume.)

How about you?  What are your Halloween plans?  Do you have any costume designs to brag about?  Cookies or pumpkin ideas to share?   Spill your guts!

Five things I am grateful for today:

  1. Keith stepping in for coffee-and-donuts duty when I was running late this morning.
  2. Getting nice compliments on my reading at church.
  3. My awe-inspiring Ben Franklin outfit.
  4. Help from my lovely sister on the proposal (Joe loved it!).
  5. David making a special trip to get the apple rings Q wanted for the crafts.
  • {Live a joyful life and spend time with people I love}:  See above.

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