If you want a “Before and After,” you’ve got to have a “Before”

We’ve had a night filled with cleaning and sorting and purging.  (Does anybody need any gift bags?)

I really need to tackle the office.  Do you remember those stories of kids who share a room and – when they get in a fight – one draws a line down the middle of the room, making “My Side” and “Your Side”? Well, that’s pretty much the situation in the office.  I know I told you I don’t let people go upstairs, but I’ll let you take a peek if you promise to keep it a secret. Let’s look, first, at David’s side.  David likes to keep his desk neat. Actually, David likes to keep all flat surfaces neat. He can’t stand visual clutter.

David’s desk in all its pristine glory

Luckily, David sits with his back to my desk.

Lori’s desk is in there somewhere…

Don’t get me wrong: I like neat, clean surfaces as much as the next person. Unfortunately, I am what is known as “cyclically neat.”  This means that when I have the time and energy to get stuff done, I get things clean and shiny and beautiful. But when stressful times come, I tend to pile instead of file, and stash-and-dash instead of dealing with things properly. Then, when I am calm again, I have to dig myself out of the hole.

But wait! There’s more! You also get to see what the floor looks like on each side!

Can you guess whose side is whose?

Now that I have shown you the “Before,” I guess I’d better get to work.   I’ll keep you posted as soon as the “After” photos are ready.

What about you? Do you have a room that desperately needs an intervention? Let me know – we can work on them together.

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for decent traffic and no lines at DEQ tonight, so both of us got our cars registered. Hooray!
  • I’m lighter! by about 40 gift bags, a bunch of ribbon, some tissue paper that had seen better days, and a giant plastic bag meant for wrapping a bicycle or something.

One thought on “If you want a “Before and After,” you’ve got to have a “Before”

  1. I believe that just this Sunday, you saw what state my office is in. I look at that room and cringe. And if that weren’t enough, the room opposite is starting to magically grow the same kinds of paper clutter and miscellaneous junk. I’m overwhelmed.


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