100 Posts!

Wow…  100 posts already!

A little over three months of blogging. Breathing, releasing, and lightening up.  Some facts, some stories, a sprinkling of self-awareness… and lots of monkeying around with the format.  I think I’ll stick with this new look for awhile.  About 100 comments from you all, and I am thankful for each and every one.  Keep commenting, please!

Boxes and boxes of stuff leaving the house.  Some exercise, some healthy eating, a few early bedtimes.  Some excellent times with friends, but not enough of them, yet!  Lots of laughing and hopefully some growth.  (It’s still early…)

Almost four months since they found the new lesions, and 100 days since my TM diagnosis was officially changed to MS.  Three rounds of pulse steroids (and three very different reactions to them).  I wonder if your body ever figures out how to deal with it.  Probably not… so far, they have made me get baseline tests for bone density and cataracts and glaucoma since apparently any of those could be future complications of regular massive doses of prednisone.  Still, I’ll happily deal with the prednisone if it keeps me from future flare-ups of the MS.  The big “if”…

All of this long-windedness is just to say, I like this!  I think I’ll keep it up. 😉  Next milestone?  1000 of something.  But what will come first?  1000 posts?  1000 comments?  1000 followers?  Stay tuned!

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