Caution: people at work

Yes, it’s been a busy day at our house.  Pretty much from the time we got up, we have been hard at work.  Well, as hard as you can work if you are not feeling well (Lori) and if you can’t breathe and have a sore throat (Quinland).  We’ve plugged away, regardless.

The first item on the list today was eBay prep.  As part of our mission to get rid of everything we no longer need, we have plans to post a bunch of stuff to eBay just in time for the holiday shopping rush.  Or so we hope… we shall see.  Today was the day we sorted and took pictures and started listing stuff.  If you are in need of a giant velcro display board or a rare Korn t-shirt (never worn!) or extra-long left-handed golf clubs or a 1979 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue with Christie Brinkley on the cover, just let me know.

Looking much better!

Next up, for me at least, was making more progress on my Mind Organization for Moms system set-up.  I moved a set of “cubbies” (a paper sorter) from the craft room to my desk, as well as bringing a  small file holder up from downstairs.  I haven’t set either of those up yet;  I need to spend some time on that tomorrow.

I also cleaned out the drawers of my desk.  Every last thing was taken out, sorted, and put back in a way that makes sense.  It turned out to be organized  kind of like my desk drawers at work, which is a good thing.  I’m way more organized at work than I am at home.

I am loving my new Arc notebook system.  I read about it online on Thursday night, rushed to Staples to buy it after work on Friday, and started using it today.  It’s like a cross between a three-ring binder and a spiral.  I also got the special hole punch so that I can add other papers to it as well.  It’s sooooo cool.  I’m going to use it to jot down my every thought, as my calendar and as my Important Actions list.

After all the work, we all watched a movie as a family.  This rarely happens.  Q picked the movie – The King’s Speech – which she and I had seen in the theater but David had never seen.  It was fun to see it again with all my new knowledge of the Queen Mother.

What about you?  Did you get a lot done today?  Are you looking forward to your extra hour of sleep?  I am!

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for all the blessings I have in my life.  It’s hard to complain about having too much stuff to deal with when so many people have too little.  (Well, obviously it’s not that hard, since I do it all the time, but I really need to stop.)
  • I’m lighter! I’ve thrown out everything from formerly important papers to rusty paper clips today, and I should have stuff posted on eBay before long.  I spent a very nice day with my lovely daughter and loving husband.

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