Go to bed, Fred

Time to get back on a good sleep schedule, so no post tonight, just a little Cannon Beach sunset for you:

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for getting the chance to watch Glee with Quinland tonight.  Just the kind of episode I want my 13-year-old watching with me.
  • I’m lighter!  I was all off schedule for the past few days, so today I am making a healthy choice and going to bed early.  I also did dishes and laundry – whoo hoo!

2 thoughts on “Go to bed, Fred

  1. Did you set up your outfit and breakfast and lunch the night before? Or get up early enough to get this done? (Just a reminder of creating that habit). Either way, good job, YOU! Keep it up!


    1. Outfit? Check. (Except for shoes, which I had to scramble to find.) Breakfast? Check. Lunch? Not so much, but I appreciate the reminder. I should have a little daily tally sheet that I get gold stars on, just for motivation.


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