They Might Be Giants if my throat is not too sore

Yeah, we have had tickets to the show tonight for months and months. We are big fans in this household, and Q has never seen them. She is even leaving a slumber party to go to the concert. That’s big.

So of course I woke up this morning with the sorest sore throat known to man, the kind described by Quinland as, “It hurts to swallow my spit.” She would know, since she gave me the cold.  (I was trying to keep from getting it all week, but that was a lost cause. She’s a cuddly girl in good health, and needs more cuddling when she doesn’t feel well.) She’s feeling better, but I have been absolutely struck down.

I think I am still going to go, though. I went to work today, since you can’t go out at night if you miss school – right? – and this seemed like a similar situation. I was feeling pretty bad at work. Now I’m filled with cold medicine, which the doctor assured me will do absolutely nothing for this “laryngitis virus,” so I should be able to do it if I sleep now and skip the opening act. It’s Jonathan Coulton. If he is fabulous and I will regret missing him forever, don’t tell me. I need my sleep.

If I have any energy when I get home, I’ll tell you all about the show. G’night!

Edited to add: Show = very good! Throat = very, very sore! Lori = very tired! Quinland got to stand on a bench to see; David is 6’6″, so he can always see; I basically couldn’t see anything, just glimpses of John and John when the tall people in front of me swayed side to side while dancing. Before she got on the bench, Q was complaining about not being able to see anything. I told her I’d been going to concerts for 30 years and I could never see. She’s already 2″ taller than me, anyway, so she’ll have nothing to worry about. Anyway, I ended up sitting out the last eight songs or so, as I was just so wiped out. Now I’m off to bed again, glad I’d had a two-hour nap already tonight.

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! that we get to go to the concert tonight. It’s been a long wait!
  • I’m lighter!  by a couple more catalogs and a million pages of claims at work. I’m churning through them.  Went to They Might Be Giants with Q and D (even though I was sick…  I was glad for the chance to see how much Q loved it.)

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