Way back in the day…

I met a boy on the radio. (That’s a story for another day.) We didn’t “date” as much as we just spent every possible moment together. Then one of us would decide that we needed to see other people, because who meets “The One” when they are 18 or 19? After time apart, we’d get back together. Then the other one would decide to see other people… and so on.

Funny, though, how we always came back to each other. We both definitely have our faults and failings, but we each also have strengths that the other relies on. We’ve had moments (and months!) of frustration, but it always comes back to the fact that we love each other very, very much. This boy of mine, who can come off as so gruff or asocial when he is out of his element is, blessedly, one of the most affectionate people I have ever known.

Lori and David, November 1987

Did I happen to mention that he loves me?

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for nighttime cold medicine and for the chance to sleep all day. I am really sick with this Cold of Death.
  • I’m lighter! I’m taking good care of myself with fluids and rest, though I am miserable. I’m not eating much, but the pad thai David brought me has slid nicely down my throat.

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