A surplus of sentimentality

We are saying goodbye to most of Quinland’s American Girl Bitty Baby outfits this week.  We spent most of the afternoon posting things on eBay.

OK, David did the posting.  I ironed and steamed and staged and photographed doll clothes and complained about how all I really wanted to do was be in bed! because I am sick!  and my throat is so sore I could die! and when I cough it feels like knives are cutting my throat open!  and when I think I am going to cough I have to run to the bathroom!  (Side note:  I asked Quinland why this was, and she said, “Because you have a defective bladder.”  Oh, that’s right.)

We used to keep all the Bitty Baby outfits sorted on the back of Quinland’s bedroom door, for easy access.

In other words, I was extremely pleasant to be around today.  In addition to all the Death Cold nonsense (and the fact that all my ranting was not helping my laryngitis in the least), I was feeling sad about letting everything go.  I asked Q what, if anything, she wanted to keep, and she didn’t want much.  I, on the other hand, wanted to keep a ton of stuff.  Perhaps it’s because I bought it; perhaps it’s because I was old enough to remember each outfit so well, while she doesn’t have those same clear memories since it’s been so long since she played with them.   Either way, I’m feeling wistful and pensive.

On a more cheerful note, two of the outfits have already sold with Buy It Now, for $24.95 and $34.95 a piece.  David is the master of selling things at the perfect holiday shopping time of year.

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for the internet, which helps us sell stuff on eBay in so many ways (looking up the proper name for each outfit, matching the proper accessories, making sure we price things well, etc.).
  • I’m lighter! by two Bitty Baby outfits already!  Well, not officially yet, since we still have to mail them.

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