Decorations: cute or cluttery?

Halloween Decorations by Jim Crotty
Photo by Jim Crotty

David and I have very different opinions on holiday decorating.  He sees decorations as nothing more than additional clutter added to every horizontal and vertical surface.  I see decorations as a fun way to celebrate the seasons, and as a way to bring a sense of tradition and continuity to our family.

I really only decorate for three holidays: Easter, Halloween and Christmas.  My Easter and Halloween decorations are pretty standard:  I decorate the mantel, hang a Happy Easter/Halloween sign, change out the throw pillows for cute seasonal ones and hang something on the front door.  For Halloween, we also have a couple of carved pumpkins outside, and some plug-in pumpkins in the front window.  Hmmm…. there are also some window clings.  And the dementors Quinland and Atlas made in kindergarten.  And a pumpkin windsock.  And a few decorations on the coffee tables.  Okay, it’s still not a ton, I promise you.

Christmas is another story.  I like to put lights and a wreath on the house, and on a good year, some swags of greenery around the garage door.  Inside, we have a tree, of course, and I like to decorate the handrail of the stairs with (fake) greenery.  I decorate the mantel and change out the pillows, set up the nativity scene(s), hang lights in the windows and on the deck, get out all the Christmas songbooks and storybooks… Again, it seems excessive in writing, but it isn’t too crazy.

I need to figure out a way to ease the visual-clutter stress on David while still indulging Quinland’s and my need for decorating fun.  I’m trying to be sympathetic to his need for order.  I do indeed see the irony in this statement, as my home is rarely in order… but I am working on that, too.

How about you?  Do you and your significant other have similar tastes (in the kind or amount) of holiday decor for your home?  Any ideas for me?

Daily Check-in:

  • I’m grateful! for the chance to go to Lorraine’s Thirty-One Gifts party, even though I wore a bandana over my nose and mouth since I’m sick.
  • I’m lighter!  I spent a lovely time with Rainy; got to bring Quinland along, too;  cleaned most of the main floor; prepped for a lesson I am presenting at church tomorrow, notified the choir IN ADVANCE that I don’t have any singing voice; and did three loads of laundry. Whew.  I am exhausted.

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