No offense to Mitzi, but Barkley was my favorite…

Marco (l) and Barkley (r)

Little Ina called me tonight to say that Barkley had been struck by bloat and was no longer with us.

I just had to take a moment to think about Mr. Barkley and what a great dog he was: a calm foil to high-strung Marco, a calm big brother to high-strung Mitzi and to Brie.  A great big dog who thought of himself as a cuddly lap dog, all ready to curl up with you on the couch.

The photo is from Franzfest 2007;  Q was so thrilled to be walking Da Boyz all by herself.  (And she looks so stylish in The Fonz’s jaunty knit cap!)

We’ll sure miss you, Barkley!

((Hugs and love to my little Ina.))

One thought on “No offense to Mitzi, but Barkley was my favorite…

  1. Thanks for the sentiment and post, Li’l Lou. It made me laugh and cry (well, I’m doing that anyway). I love this photo. He’s a particularly hard one to lose, he was such an easy dog to have.


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