Kitchen remodel obsession

I think about remodeling my kitchen all the time. There’s nothing glaringly wrong with my it.  Just before we bought the house in 2005, the original owner updated the 90’s counters and flooring (to granite tile and slate, respectively).

So, what is my problem?  The kitchen is u-shaped, and the range is facing the wall away from everyone.  Cooking seems like a social activity to me, and this kitchen feels like you are not part of the action.  Since there is no island, bar, or peninsula, either, you don’t really feel like anyone is hanging out in the kitchen, either.

*sigh*  I know this is just a matter of missing my old kitchen with the huge peninsula that you could spread a feast on, and everyone could sit around on barstools and chat, and even if you were cooking, you still felt like part of the action.

I tried getting a little faux-island cart thingy, but if you put it in the middle of my tiny kitchen, you could barely walk around it.  You had to push it against the refrigerator to open the dishwasher, and vice versa. So it sits at the end of the countertop in the nook area, looking like an afterthought.

That darn nook area, too…  I can’t extend the kitchen into that space, because it has a bay window with a sliding glass door.  I have often thought that if I could extend the slate floor into there, it would seem more cohesive.

I need pictures.  I’m going to bed, but I will take some photos tomorrow and try to show you my kitchen ideas.

How about you?  Do you love your kitchen layout?  Do you have a bar or island where people hang out?  Have you remodeled or even just updated?  I’d love to hear all about it.


  • I’m grateful! that my sore throat is starting to get better.  The cough is as bad as ever, but it doesn’t cause as much pain in the throat.
  • I’m lighter! I decided to tackle the nook desk hot spot tonight.  I cleaned out the junk drawer, the coupon drawer, and the little shelves above the desk.  I was throwing out coupons from March and April.  Yikes!

2 thoughts on “Kitchen remodel obsession

  1. OK, that made me laugh. That’s sort of what this is about: why don’t I like to cook? How can I make cooking more fun for me, so that I want to do it more?

    For that matter, I hate grocery shopping so much that they need to make that into some kind of a carnival to get me to want to do it. 😉


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