Santa’s little helpers

I was so focused on selling American Girl stuff on eBay that I just missed the deadline for posting.  This also means that it is midnight and I am not yet in bed.  Uh, oh…

It has seriously seemed like a toy shop around here tonight.  We have scheduled another 13 sets of doll clothes to post tomorrow, which almost wraps up the AG extravaganza, but we have barely made a dent in the pile of stuff we’d like to list.

FlyLady says not to bother selling stuff online, because it is more hassle than it is worth.  I definitely agree that it is a lot of hassle, but I have a feeling that it might be worth it.   The 24 things we posted last week will end at 6 pm tomorrow, and so far have tallied $212 on the current bids alone.  There are a lot of people watching some of the items, so I have high hopes for them.  The ones we are posting tomorrow are pretty good, too.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for the chance to get an after-steroids massage today, and for all the hard work David has put in on this eBay stuff this weekend.
  • I’m lighter! I worked a ton on the kitchen tonight, trying to figure out what it is about it that bothers me, and trying to determine what I can do – at a reasonable price – to make it better.  We worked a ton on eBay stuff, of course, and I cooked a fabulous meal, did dishes and laundry, too.  Also had a lovely chat with my dad, now that I am getting my voice back.

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