I may be a rock, but I am apparently not an island

Little Island
Photo by Randy Son of Robert

Yeah… I didn’t go to the gym.  The whole “I am responsible! I make my own decisions!” thing only goes so far when one of your family cars is not working and you are not the one who has the working car that day.  I did, however, get up early this morning and do a walking video (it was pouring rain), and I have a very firm commitment from the fam that we will be going to the gym tomorrow.  Check back in with me later and I’ll let you know how that goes.

(In other news, someone bid on the American Girl “Nicki” doll, which had an opening bid of $99.00.  Hooray!)

How about you?  Have you been going to the gym?  Selling exciting stuff on eBay? Getting ready for Thanksgiving?  Did you know you can actually write comments on this blog?  Try it – it’s pretty cool.

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! as always, that I have money in the bank to pay the bills.  I can never forget how lucky that makes me.
  • I’m lighter! by quite a bit of money, since paying all those bills… ok, I’m only half kidding.  I did use my time well today (bill paying, cooking, exercising).

7 thoughts on “I may be a rock, but I am apparently not an island

  1. Oh, I comment all the time. You don’t really want to hear from just li’l ole me. I’m going to the ‘gym’ after work, unless Nate cancels on me. I’m not getting ready for Thanksgiving, or maybe I am. I’m bringing a bottle of wine to my cousin’s. I need to sell stuff on e-bay; it’s overwhelming just thinking about it.


  2. Bringing a bottle of wine totally counts as “preparation” for Thanksgiving!

    I know what you mean by “overwhelming” when it comes to eBay. David said last night, “I want to be done selling stuff!” Then he thought about it, and said, “I want to be done having extra stuff to sell.” The difficulty there is that if and when one upgrades anything, the old thing has to go. (David would probably solve this by never upgrading anything, as he is able to be content with the tried and true… pretty much forever.)


  3. Wow. Look at me comment. You will have to show us this ebay selling stuff. We have a closet full of American Girl stuff and I want my closet back.


    1. Oh, I hate that. Some of the stuff we posted last week hardly even got any views, and then a couple got bids when we reposted them this week. I swear, I can’t figure it out. Are you selling toys? Kids’ clothes?


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