Remembering Ireland ’88

We got the news yesterday that one of our Ireland trip mates, Kevin Carlsmith, passed away last Saturday.  He was 44, had a wife and two little girls, and fought lung cancer for almost three years.

I hadn’t kept in touch with Kevin over the years, although he sent us all a funny email when we were planning our 20-year reunion.  Still, I’d always kind of had the feeling that we would be all together again, sometime in the future.  Knowing he couldn’t get together with us because he was a professor clear across the country seemed different, somehow, than knowing we won’t see him again.

The next Guinness I drink will be hoisted in your honor, Kevin.

Top: Molly, Kevin, Kathy, Brian, Helena, Ellen, Jill, Marcia, Dave; Middle: Han Mei, Kathy, Anna, Kris, Beth, Kate, Michelle, Jonathan; Front: Amy, Susie, Sara, Deb, Jeannie, Lori, Kayla, Mark

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for life, though it feels insensitive to say at a time like this.
  • I’m lighter! I exercised this morning – two miles, this time.

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