A very sunny Black Friday

Buy Nothing Black Friday
Photo by Mike Licht

The sign above should have been my mantra today.  I did not, as one newspaper insert urged me, “Plan my attack!  Set my alarm!  Get the best deals!  Save big!”  I didn’t intend on shopping at all.

Q spent the night with her cousins last night, so I met my brother up near the airport late this afternoon to pick her up.  That area is big box store central, so I decided to do a little shopping.  I intended to only get specific items I knew I needed, not hunt down every special deal in the city.  It only kind of worked out that way…

Home Depot – I met Danny in the parking lot, so Q and I popped in and got a wreath for the front door and a cedar garland to hang around the garage door.  Those were planned purchases.  Then Q remembered we needed a special light bulb for the dining room chandelier, and I remembered we needed felt pads for the dining room chairs.  Unplanned for this particular trip, but items I knew I needed. Then we bought a lighted 4-foot tall artificial tree for the front walkway.  Major splurge.

PDX Liquidators – Both Q and I saw this weird-looking store as we pulled into the Home Depot parking lot.  We decided to see if it was like our beloved long-closed Priced Right, so we went in.  Q was not thrilled; she said it “smelled bad and looked sketchy.”  I got some toothbrushes (useful, but not urgently needed and not planned), Q got some Izze soda and a box of candy canes (minor splurges, but very cheap).

Best Buy – Q wanted to look at the Kindle Fire; I wanted to get a Doorbuster guitar stand for her bass.  We didn’t get either of those, but I did get a much-needed guitar-to-amp cord.

Home Goods – I was looking for possibilities for my new kitchen idea: a stand-alone pantry.  They had nothing, but on our way out, I found an awesome sign which I decided I wanted as a birthday gift.  Q agreed, so I got a cool sign and a big hug.  Minor splurge, but Quinland says that since it was for my birthday, that is very different.  (More on the sign in a day or two.)

YoCream – Don’t ask.  We didn’t get any candy toppings, only fresh fruit!

IKEA – Ah, yes… The Land of Plenty.  I wanted to look at pantry possibilities there, too, and I planned to get some under-cabinet lights for the kitchen.  Q wanted to look at very small living spaces and eat Swedish meatballs for dinner.  We did all of those things… and more.  We saw the couch of our dreams (MÅNSTAD) and a backpack that would be great for Europe (UPPTÄCKA) but didn’t get either.  I saw a brown MOLGER shelving unit that the Portland IKEA has been out of for months and months and that I have been needing to go with the bench I got for my double-down bathroom.  (Unplanned for today, but a pleasant and needed surprise purchase.)  Q got some purple slippers for $1.99 (“That’s a buck a slipper,” says she).  Finally, right by the checkout, we found the adorable snowflake lights we had seen on a fake tree in a very small living space.  So I splurged on some snowflake lights.  I’ll explain more when I talk about Christmas decorating, but I hate.hate.hate LED lights, and I hope these will be an improvement.

We are now home.  We are going to bed.  How was your Black Friday?  Did you plan and attack and save big and get great deals?  Spill the beans.

Daily Check-In:

  • I’m grateful! for the beautiful, beautiful weather we had today.  I was able to mow the lawn, sort out the front step, watch David do some raking, and deal with the deck furniture.
  • I’m lighter! I exercised this morning (two-mile walking video) and mailed out a bunch of eBay packages.  I also did two loads of laundry and tidied up all sorts of stuff.  A very, very good day, all around.

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